She tell me sey she know sey I want fuck her and sey no problem. My heart come sweet
me, at least dis babe know wassup and no go dey dull me like some girls.
The next tin Ngozika talk nearly make me choke. She tell me sey make I bring
N25,000 to fuck her. Na so me sef start to laff my own o. Make I bring N25,000?
'So if I get N25,000, I go use am to fuck you? For how many weeks?' Na so I ask her.
She sef start to dey pack her phone and handkerchief into her small purse wey she carry
come, sey she wan start to dey go back shop.
I look her finish, I dey wonder wetin to talk but I just dey confused. How I go buy
expensive wine for babe, even borrow money to buy her peppersoup hoping sey I go
enter her paradise, then she wan come fall ma hand?
As a guy man, I act by instinct. Na so I rush lock my room door first.
'Which shop you wan go?' I ask her, as she stand up.
So u don join Nokiarod enter dickless state. Una try oo. So poor man no fit fuck again
for dis life? is well o.
'I wan go my aunty shop. My aunty go soon come back and nobody dey shop.'
I come look dis girl, shake my head. 'So you look me finish, drink my wine, chop my
peppersoup, u no remember sey you go go shop. Na now you wan go shop. Biko, just
carry yourself lie down for dat bed.'
Na so Ngozika stand dia dey look me. I bin tink sey by now, fear go don catch am and
she go coperate but sign of fear no dey her face at all. Infact, I come dey even fear
small small for my mind. What if her broda na cultist or she come call area boys for me?
But I just bone unto sey woman na woman and man na man.
Afterall, na dat her yansh make her look big, wey be sey na shit full am sef.
'Go lie down for dat bed, Ngozi. We must fuck, today na today.'
'Na force u wan use?' She ask me, as she drop her purse for ground, begin dey remove
her top.
'If you coperate no need for force. Na when you wan do sey your head strong, na im we
go geh problem na.'
'As you see me so... I believe in myself die,' Ngozi talk, as she troway her top for wan
corner. 'If I say I no wan do, I no go do. It's either you kill me or I kill you, but make you
know sey your head no strong reach.'
I no know when I land Ngozika slap for face. The next tin I know be sey I just see
her carry the stool wey dey my room, knack my small television wey I dey take manage
my life.
I buy dat television from Emeka when im bin wan replace am with plasma for im room
and at times when I no wan tink of my life, na dat TV I dey use console myself, na im
one daughter of Jezebel break.
Na so I vex land her another slap for face come push her for ground. As I try to elbow
her for belle, na so she grab me begin chop my ear for mouth like kpomo.
Na so so blood I dey see for ground, me sef no come understand weda na man or
woman I dey fight wit again.
By dat time, my landlord and some tenant don dey knock my door dey ask wetin dey
My temper don already rise to gear 3 because of the wound wey dis winch don give
me for ear. I vex tear her slap for ear, na so she come dey shout 'Aunty o. Aunty o.'
'You geh mind abi? Because of yansh you carry, u wan end my life.' Na so I tear her
anoda slap. The next tin she don hold me for my John Thomas o. As I slap am dey beat
am but dis babe no gree leave me o. Before I know me sef don dey shout my own
because e be like dem send the babe to destroy me.
Na so Mama Chidinma and Oga Landlord dey bang my door outside. Ngozika continue to
dey squeeze my prick and na so I dey shout for helep until dem come break my door.
When dem enter, na force mama Chidinma take drag Ngozika before she leave my prick.
For how many days the pain wey I receive make me swear sey I no go ever, lai lai carry
babe again because if not for divine intervention, maybe dat babe for don destroy my